Wii - Hints and Tricks

Want to impress your friends with little nuggets of Wii Knowledge? These tips and tricks can help any user...

Menus & Notifications:
The windows on the MAIN MENU can be reordered however you like. Simply PRESS and hold A and B down while selecting a window.
Whenever you receive a message there is a BLUE LIGHT on the CONSOLE that lights up. If you'd like to keep the light on all the time you can press the HOME BUTTON, and from the MENU go to your EMAIL. On the next page add your personal computer email address to your ADDRESS BOOK. Within a few hours check your computer's email and there should be a message waiting, when you reply the the email the console's "New Message" light will come on. Don't read the email and the light will stay on.
All Wiis have an EMAIL ADDRESS. You can email anyone you have the FRIEND ID for. Their address will be "w(INSERT NUMBER HERE)@wii.com" as an example: w12345678012@wii.com.
On the CHANNEL SECTION in your MAIN MENU you can choose to save VC games on a SD CARD
While in the MENUS you can turn your wrist and the cursor will rotate.
When you purchase a virtual console title and Mario runs across the screen, if you press A you can shoot fireballs.

Wii Remote & Nunchuk:
From the MAIN MENU press the HOME button, on the next screen click on the CONTROLLER IMAGE. On this screen you can adjust the volume and rumble functions of the remote.
There were two extra parts in your box you may have overlooked! There is a CLEAR DISC that is placed under your Wii to stabalize it's balance. The second is a small one inch piece that is a stand for the SENSOR BAR.
You can check your Wii Remote's battery life by pressing any button on the controller when the console is powered down. The more lights (4) the more battery life.

Set your Mii to MINGLE and have your friends do the same. You'll soon have Miis walking around in your parade. Feel free to grab them and copy them to your Plaza for safe keeping
To send messages (and wiis!) you'll require their FRIEND ID -AND- their CONSOLE NICKNAME.
As you collect more Miis in your plaza from friends the generic Miis in your games will be replaced by your friends!

Game Specific:
Wii Sports Bowling: You can release the ball on the back swing which will throw the ball backwards. It will scare all the miis behind you!
Wii Sports Bowling: While on the lane you can press the DIRECTIONAL PAD and zoom in on the lane. You might notice this sound effect is the same sound from Super Mario 64's camera movement sound effect
Wii Sports Golf: On hole 3 there is a small section of fairway at about a 45 degree angle to the left of the tee box. The patch is completely surrounded by Out Of Bounds area, if you land your ball here you can easily eagle the course.
Zelda: The direction that Link spins when doing a spin attack depends on which direction you moved the nunchuk.
Zelda: By leaving the game on the start screen for an extended period of time it plays an extremely extended trailer that was not shown to the general public.
Zelda: You can skip cutscenes in the game by pressing the "-" button.

By registering your console on Nintendo.com you'll automatically extend your warranty by 90 days! For Free!
When you register 3 Nintendo products on Nintendo.com you can get three months worth of NINTENDO POWER for free.

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